How to Install Flyme A themes in Flyme Global

1. Download Latest Customize Center App (Download Link in the bottom)
2. Install Customize Center App as normal apk.
3. Move the Flyme A theme to this location in file manager – All Files > Customize > Themes >Here
(Note:- Create “Themes” Folder if not found in Customize Folder)

4. Now rename your Stock theme (Theme which is pre-installed in Meizu phones) by adding anything like 1,2,3… or a,b,c,… or my favorite – Stock in the end. Example – com.meizu.theme.model.default Stock.mtpk. Reason in next step.

5. The Flyme A theme should have name same as “com.meizu.theme.model.default.mtpk”. So Select the Stock theme again and tap on Rename ,then copy the “com.meizu.theme.model.default” text and rename the Flyme A theme to this (Paste the copied text after selecting Flyme A theme & taping on Rename)

Note :- I will share all Flyme A themes Here renamed already to “com.meizu.theme.model.default.mtpk”. So you can ignore this step.
6. Open Themes App.
7. Tap on Profile Icon on top right corner.
8. Tap on Themes
9. You will see Flyme A theme you want to install there. (May Be Chinese Text)
10. Tap on the theme and Apply. Yippeee it is now Applied. You can now try some Flyme A themes from Here.

Download Customize Center


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